Eric J. Kraus- Writer

I have a BA degree in English from the University of Delaware.

I have been a "professional writer" for over 10 years. I have had a passion for creative writing since I was a child and continue to develop new intellectual properties for print and web with the end goal of turning them into film or tv series to include merchandising. 

My work has  been published by Heavy Metal Magazine, Berserker Comics and I have been self publishing for several years and plan to continue along that path with all of my intellectual properties.

I have worked with Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Gene Colan, Lorenzo Sperlonga, Rudy D. Nebres, Steven R. Cobb and James Fletcher on various original projects.

Included here is just a small sampling of my creative projects working with talented artists such as James Fletcher and Steven R. Cobb.

Please contact me should there be interest in optioning any of my intellectual properties into film or television series.